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11 December 2023

Top 5 things to do in Malta this Christmas

Top 5 things to do in Malta this Christmas


1. Fairyland in Valletta:

From December 8 2023 to January 7 2024, Fairyland returns to Valletta! Located on Valletta's Pjazza Tritoni, this square is specially transformed into Santa's City during this 1-month period.

In this city of elves, we recommend a number of attractions.

First, the most popular attraction, "Rudolph's Big Wheel". This Ferris wheel is very impressive, but the view from the top is even more so. "Penguin's Ice Skating is a skating rink. It's a great activity for the whole family. If you have trouble skating on the ice, penguins are on hand to help you! Be careful not to fall!

The Christmas market is another popular spot for visitors. Here you'll find all kinds of sweets and drinks. You'll also find lots of little shops selling Christmas souvenirs! If you're missing a Christmas present for one of your friends, this is the place to go.



2. Rabat Christmas market:

The largest Christmas Market in Malta is held every year in the same place in Rabat from December 8 to 13. Rabat city centre is transformed into a Christmas village with a very friendly atmosphere. In this Christmas market, you can buy lots of gifts for your friends. You'll find many food products from different countries, but above all Maltese specialties.

In this market you'll also find arts and crafts, as well as the famous mulled wine that you'll find in every Christmas market, but the mulled wine of this Christmas market is particularly good, we recommend it!

The market also features Natalis Notabilis nativity scenes, shows on the Palazzo Xara stage and Christmas music in the Ta' Giezu church.


3. Maltese specialities for Christmas:

Imbuljuta tal-Qastan: This is a hot drink made from hot chocolate thickened with cornstarch, cinnamon, orange peel and vanilla. Roasted chestnuts are added to give a unique taste to this winter drink.

Maltese Panettone: Panettone is an Italian Christmas bread also found in Malta. It is usually topped with candied fruit, raisins and citrus zest.

Perlini: "Perlini" are small milk chocolate balls filled with candied fruit and nuts. They are usually served at Christmas time.

Figolla: Figolla is a traditional Maltese Easter cake that is also prepared for Christmas. It is a figure-shaped cake, usually in the shape of a cross, heart or lamb, and is filled with sweet marzipan.


4. Sliema Christmas market:

In Sliema, Bisazza Street is home to many vintage clothing stores and jewellery shops. But on weekends in December, this street is transformed into a Christmas market. You'll find dozens of stalls selling organic wines, Christmas gifts and decorations. But the main specialty of this Christmas market is the famous mulled wine. It's called "Mulled Wine". Santa Claus is sure to pay you a visit!


5. Festive lights:

Throughout December, and even more so at the end of the year, Malta's churches, streets and towns will be lit up with multi-coloured garlands. If you want to see the most beautiful garlands, I suggest you visit the typical streets of Valletta, Birgu or Mosta. These will be the best-lit towns! Get your cameras ready!


Whether you prefer to sample local specialities at an open-air market, or simply soak up the festive atmosphere in the streets, Malta offers an exceptional destination for celebrating the magic of Christmas.


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