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20 March 2023

The Great Hypogeum, a Unesco World Heritage Site

The Great Hypogeum, a Unesco World Heritage Site

Whoever said that time travel wasn’t possible never came to Malta!

Be one of the 10 visitors allowed into the site per hour, where you step back to the year 4000BC as you simultaneously step forward into this spiritual, ancient, and cavernous underground burial site.

This is the only underground complex that has survived from this period. Excavated into the live rock, starting around 3500 BC, this complex began when the prehistoric community seem to have decided to continue to tunnel deeper into the earth to extend their cemeteries.

The wall decorations with red ochre and the architectural features are all repeated in the temples. Various items were discovered here, the most important being the small terracotta statuette of the Sleeping Lady, a masterpiece of prehistoric art, which can be admired in the Museum of Archaeology in Valletta.


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